Pope Francis on Prayer

The Holy Father offers various insights into the transformation that can occur when we open ourselves to God in prayer.

Pope Francis reflects upon the exchange between Moses and God on Mount Sinai, offering lessons for us in prayer and emphasizing the role of the Holy Spirit in our prayer life.

Pope Francis reflects upon the persons of Jonah, Martha and Mary in Holy Scripture, stressing the idea of prayer as a door that can be opened to allow God to enter into our lives. Click here to read the print version at news.va. 

Pope Francis speaks of the importance of prayer being sincere and courageous.

Pope Francis reflects upon perseverance in prayer, and how God responds to it. 

Pope Francis speaks about knowing Jesus with the mind via study, the heart via prayer, and thirdly, through the language of our actions.

Pope Francis points to the example of Peter as someone who shows us how to have a true personal encounter with Jesus.

Pope Francis reflects upon the Holy Spirit and prayer, highlighting that in prayer, the most important thing we receive is the Lord Himself.