Membership in the Foundation of Prayer for Priests


Why become a member of the Foundation of Prayer for priests? Your yes will make you a part of a growing spiritual army that is praying for a new priestly Pentecost, which in turn could play an important role in advancing the New Evangelization. Praying for priests is both adivine mandate and a privilege. Prayer changes things for the good. The prayer of one person is powerful, but the prayers of many can and will change the face of the earth. May Mary and the Holy Spirit inspire your yes to join this crusade of prayer!


Offer prayers and sacrifices in communion with the Congregation for the Clergy for the personal holiness of all priests and for vocations to the priesthood, in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Spiritual adoption of a priest or seminarian

  • Eucharistic adoration (individual or communal)

  • The Holy Rosary

  • Vianney cenacles (prayer groups affiliated with FPP) in homes, parishes, and organizations

  • Family prayer

  • Fasting

  • The offering of personal suffering for the sanctification of priests

  • Registration of your spiritual endowments for priests and seminarians at The apostolate will report your spiritual offerings to the Congregation for the Clergy. You can invite others to do the same!


Support the ministerial priesthood for the advancement of the New Evangelization with your time, talents, and resources:

  • Visit to learn about ways to promote intercessory prayer for priests in your parish or diocese, especially through Eucharistic adoration and prayer cenacles

  • Learn how to work with bishops and priests in the promotion of vocations and spiritual maternity / paternity of priests as ways to advance the New Evangelization

  • Learn to serve as Mary serves: humbly, obediently, generously, faithfully, selflessly, and with eyes always fixed on the Eternal High Priest


Intercessory prayer and sacrifice are more important than ever for the interior renewal of priests, who are at the forefront of the New Evangelization. You can be a vital part of this renewal by learning about and incorporating the following into your spiritual life: Š

  • The necessity of holy priests and priestly vocations

  • The priority of intercessory prayer and sacrifice for priests

  • The fruitfulness of Eucharistic life

  • The beauty and importance of Marian spirituality

  • The blessings of spiritual maternity and paternity

  • The universal call to holiness

  • How to live spiritual lives as contemplatives in action

For more information on how to impact the lives of priests throughout the world, contact us at