Jesus: "I call for purity!"

During the 1920s, Ven. Concepción Cabrera de Armida recorded many messages from Jesus to His priests. Below is a message on the importance of purity.

I Call for Purity

As a result of what I have said, it remains to be seen if those who touch my Church, innocent and without stain, will be pure, if those hearts that form it will have the brightness of snow, a whiteness more than that of angels! It must be understood that the hands that touch me and the lips that pronounce the divine words of Consecration must be purified of all stains! How those hands ought to spread blessings! How those lips are not to be open but for exalting me at the altar and in souls! How those hearts, above all, ought — like crystals — to reflect the Trinity and be more than ciboria which contain me, other Me's, innocent and pure, clean and holy, united to the Trinity!

But for this, priests, more than anyone, must use most frequently the sacrament of Penance, since they ought to be as angels for each act of their ministry, clean of heart to reflect God whom they represent. How my Heart beats when considering a legion of priests fulfilling these ideals of my Heart! If they are other Me's, my Father will be pleased to listen to them and smile upon them, because in them He will see Me; and in the place of doing the will of God, God will accomplish his own, because there will be one sole will with his, one sole will and love in Him!

How indispensable it is that all priests would take seriously their transformation into Me in this age of the world in which more than ever they ought to resemble Me! How necessary is the unity among them, forming a block of pure hearts, of white hands which lift me to heaven pleading for mercy! ...

A nucleus of holy priests will be capable of transforming the world with their life of union with Me and with the purity of their hearts.

I thirst for purity which is what most resembles Me. I thirst for sacrifices in order to unite them to my own and offer them to the Father as an incense of infinite expiation. I want my priests to be forgetful of themselves, pure and victims, offering Me, and being offered for the salvation of the world, for the regeneration of fallen priests, for the sacrileges which I see enveloping Me daily.

I call for and cry out today to my Bishops and priests for an impulse of purity, through Mary, for my pure Church, for the glory of the virgin Trinity. I call for purity! ... I call for purity! ... Will the hearts of my own be able to deny it to Me whom I love with the tenderness of a thousand mothers, with the candidness of a God? ... For my Blood, for their sublime vocation, for my numberless predilections, I ask them for purity and unity in the Trinity.

I ask that their love for the Church be alive in their souls, and that they sustain it, that they defend it and protect it, and give it glory with thousands of pure souls. The sin of impurity has grown frightfully, rending my Heart; for this reason I cry: purity, purity! ... And who were the first to lose it, but my own in whom I have claims of love and predilection?

May I be consoled with holy priests! ...

May others intercede for them and offer them to Me, sacrificing themselves in order to purchase graces for them, in union with the Word; graces and virtues and gifts, which, although gifts are given, the soil is prepared with virtues in order to receive them.

Source: Concepción Cabrera de Armida, To My Priests: A Translation of A Mis Sacerdotes (Cleveland: Archangel Crusade of Love, 1996), 64-65, and A Mis Sacerdotes (Mexico City: Editorial La Cruz, 1997), 154-156 (portions translated by John Nahrgang).