Mary and the Holy Spirit: Sanctity for Priests

by Kathleen Beckman, L.H.S.

Christ: I choose priests born in the mold of Adam and transform them into the mold of the New Adam. The Father entrusts this transformation to Mary and the Holy Spirit. They are the agents of sanctification for priests, working through the means of sacramental grace. 

Priests should take great care and even do violence to their free will in order to resist temptations to be other Adams. My priests should choose the mold of the New Adam over the mold of the first Adam, but they cannot rely on their own strength to do so. 

When Mary sees that a priest is choosing to live in the mold of the first Adam; when he shamefully conceals himself with fig leaves; when she sees that a priest has eaten of the fruit of a forbidden tree, she promptly offers to lead him back to the mold of the New Adam. When she sees that a priest has used his five senses in ways contrary to the law of love, she approaches and offers to lead him back to the truth of his priestly dignity. She helps him remove the leaves of shame and step out of the mold of the first Adam. She gives him her mantle of grace and a new robe of righteousness. She helps him to remember that he is a royal prince, a steward of a kingdom not of the earth. She assists him in re-clothing himself in the vestment of the New Adam and availing himself of the purity of his Lord. 

If only priests understood the ineffable gift of Mary, they would abhor making My holy Mother suffer by seeing them sometimes sullied in the mold of Adam. Her maternal solicitude compels her to aid priests who mistakenly attempt to create their Garden of Eden on earth. She leads priests from folly to wisdom when she walks them back to the Garden of Gethsemane to kneel next to Me again. I do not look at what priests have done to hurt Me, but I see what they have done to pierce the heart of My Mother. Yet, She, with one look of love into My eyes, with one sigh of hope whispered in My ears, moves My Heart to be merciful to priests. She sees all the potential in every priest and knows that I am her same Son who worked miracles in the first apostles. She knows that I will not cease to work miracles for My priests. 

The greatest miracle I can offer priests is their interior transformation—the grace to change from the first Adam into the New Adam. I desire that My priests cherish Mary with new reverence, gratitude and obedience, and open themselves to the transforming power of the indwelt Holy Spirit. My Mother ardently desires to see in every priest the New Adam whom she loves more than herself. When My priests hold onto Mary, they can, with little effort, move her heel to crush the head of the serpent that tempts them with the same deadly poison that caused the first Adam to fall. My victory is theirs. Mary, the New Eve, always in union with the Holy Spirit, is the secret of sanctity for priests.