Messages from Jesus to Ven. Concepción Cabrera de Armida: Mary, Priests and Victim Souls

Mary and the Transformation of the Priest

The union with Mary will facilitate for my priests their transformation into Me. She was born for the sake of being the first priestly soul worthy of offering me to my Father: the first by her purity and next, by her ardent desires which brought to earth the Savior. She was chosen among all women so that in her virginal womb the Incarnation of the Divine Word would be worked; and after that instant, without spot, the Virgin Mother accepted with the greatest love and submission that has existed on earth toward My Father after that of Mine the Incarnation of the Word in her womb, she did not cease to offer Me to Him as Victim who came from heaven to save the world but sacrificing at the same time her Mother's Heart to the divine will of this beloved Father.

The immolation of her soul consumed and nourished me to be a Victim while surrendering me to be crucified. And the one same sacrifice of mine on the Cross was hers in her Heart, which continued afterwards in the martyrdom of her solitude, with the martyrdom of memories, everything offered to the Eternal Father in union with Me.

Mary always offered Me to the Father, always discharged a certain priestly role, while immolating her innocent and pure Heart in union with Me. She finished, as I have said, the real Incarnation and the mystical incarnation followed in her Heart, by always offering Me to the Father and attracting graces upon the Church, that is to say on behalf of priests, and through them, on behalf of souls.

Mary assists in each mass from a particular perspective because where my sacrifice is, there Mary is; and for this reason Mary is indispensable to each priest by her intimate presence with him on the altar. And why? I have already said it, because in the priests she sees Me; in the transformation of the priest she contemplates him as converted into Me; and Mary is never separated from Me nor less in my immolations, even when it is the unbloody sacrifice on the altars. It is enough that there be the sacrifice in order that this blessed Mother be always at the side of her most beloved Son.

If priests are other Me's, not only at the hour of the Mass, but always, Mary will always be at their side. Mary will love them with the same tenderness with which she loved Me. Mary will be more their mother, in degree and quality. Because in St. John who represents all priests I left them as sons in a very special way. And Mary accepted them as sons. But I left them as special sons, taking into account the transformation of  priests into Me; that is to say, as if I handed myself over to her as the unique Son in them, so that my most beloved Mother would see Me in each priest and will love them all as she does Me.

Therefore, priests ought to love Mary with the same love, with the same tenderness, respect, obedience, fidelity, gratitude and purity with which I loved her. And this Virgin Mother will reciprocate priests who place all their confidence in her, helping them day by day, minute by minute, in their transformation into Me.

Priests ought to run to Mary, pray to her and supplicate her who shapes them feature by feature, conforming them to her Son Jesus. Nobody knew me more intimately after my Father, like Mary. She studied me, she reproduced me in her soul; and my sentiments were her sentiments, my ideals her ideals, my desires hers, and my love for the Father her same love.

For this reason when I left the world, when I moved away from my disciples who were my priests, I left them Mary, who represented Me in her virtues, in her tenderness, in her Heart, a most faithful echo of mine and the necessary element for the foundation of my Church, while at the same time a spiritual support for my Apostles and first disciples.

In Mary the nascent Church was supported and Mary sustained it with her gifts and her virtues, her prayers and her love.

For this reason, when sending the Holy Spirit to my Apostles, I did not exclude Mary even when she was full of grace, filled with my Spirit and it was with the purpose that the Church have her for a Queen, that priests consider her indispensable, that the warmth and protection of a mother not be lacking to the former and to the faithful that she be the channel whereby all grace of the Divine Spirit would flow to souls.

How is it possible for the priest to be separated from Mary? How Mary, upon receiving in her bosom, in a certain sense, the vocation, by union of the priest with the Eternal Priest, by that fiber that the Father placed near the Word, in that virginal womb  do they not have to be more sons of Mary, and like her, pure; and like her, humble and loving with the love of Mary which is from the Holy Spirit?

I have already said that the Holy Spirit through Mary will make this evolution, this additional triumph in the Church: the transformation of priests into Me... I have already said the reign of the Holy Spirit must be obtained through Mary, in the world and above all, in priestly hearts.

I  also want the world to honor those years of solitude of Mary in which her sorrows from absence were terrible, dragging, most painful; the martyrdom of remembrance and of solitude and with which, united with my sorrows, she purchased graces for her sons who were born to her, in her Heart through my words, when she was at the foot of the Cross.

Here Mary pronounced the second "fiat" and accepted as children all of humanity; but above all, she accepted priests in St. John, to purchase graces for them, to nourish them with saving teaching and to never forsake them, even until their arrival to heaven.

If a son costs so much, what might it be for Mary to purchase graces with her sorrows for so many sons and in a few years to amass the price of salvation in union with my merits, for the sons that she bears in mind and for the future ones even till the end of the ages!

This stage of life of Mary, the most sorrowful, has not been considered in order to give thanks for it centuries upon centuries: and it is time for it to be honored, for a new impulse of love from priests, and that it may be known for glorifying her. One new halo of light, a new splendor, a better crown she awaits from her priests, making known this nearly forgotten period of Mary's life, and which ought to be honored with very deep gratitude.

The Holy Spirit will honor Mary and through Mary the Holy Spirit will be honored, beginning through the heart of priests. These two glories await her in the world: the reign of the Holy Spirit through Mary and the reviving of the remembrance of the sorrowful and loving years of Mary's solitude, by the Holy Spirit, in the spiritual and Christian world. And in these two things, I will be honored with my Father from whom I am not separated, in the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Well then, if my priests want to progress in virtue, it will be through Mary; if they want to grow in the knowledge and love of the Holy Spirit, let them make her more their own and let them make her known and let them glorify her.

There is nothing like making use of the Holy Spirit and of Mary for transformation into Me; and even more for the perfect consummation - as much as this is possible on earth - of the union among themselves of the members of the Church, and their unity in the Trinity, which I come seeking in so many ways.1

Victims on Behalf of Priests

Many victims on earth have their origin in my love for my priests, because I myself profit from them to save them. Priests will deal with so many souls without knowing the mystery which operates here, the effects on behalf of the sufferings of victim souls who expiate priestly sins and purchase graces. If I disclose before my priests all that I put at stake for perfecting them and sanctifying them, all that I sacrifice on their behalf, all that I permit in people and entire nations, when I can achieve a single degree more of grace for their good! If I draw back before them the veils with which I cover the immolations and the heroisms which secretly I apply to them for saving them! I make the communion of saints very extensive toward their hearts!

Do they see that I have always fixed my sight and my Heart on my Church to sustain her in her ministers? Do they not see that she is my Immaculate Spouse, who is the Mother of Christianity and wherein I have my throne on earth? Since the Holy Spirit, who manages the world of grace in souls, inspires sacrifices, abnegations, crucifixions of love, on behalf of my priests, which is the same as on behalf of my beloved Church.

These victims united to my infinite merits, purchase graces for my priests, with sorrow and love; and here they help my Church as they implore day and night graces of all kinds for her priests in which my Father is pleased.

Let souls offer as much as they are and have, their life, their death, their eternity and to Me, above all, let them be immolated for this purpose alone even until their last breath, solely for priests to whom they belong in a special way. But happy if they are immolated for so noble a cause, for so beautiful an end for honoring and glorying my Father in them, for the Trinity in my Church which is what I love most on earth.

Let them ask and let them not cease to ask the faithful, I repeat, for this perfect transforming consummation of priests into Me, for nobody will measure the importance that this holds.2

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